Play – ‘Ink’, Almeida Theatre, 29th June 2017

It isn’t often there’s a theatre in North London that I’ve never once been to (I rarely do south of the river, or at least no further south than Southbank. No one has convinced me yet that I’m missing out). But I’ve never been to the Almeida. Once again, I ended up here due to a recommendation from a friend. And what a good one it was. ‘Ink’ is a play about Rupert Murdoch and the Sun. Not an obvious premise for an entertaining evening you might think, and before seeing this play I’d have agreed with you. But what this play does is to show you just what a groundbreaker Murdoch was in his time. Until the Sun came along, everything was broadsheets. Murdoch was determined to provide something different, he was sure there was a market out there for it -and he was right. But the lengths he went to in order to make his venture a success are truly eye-opening. I’d like to say more, but I understand this play is due to make a West End transfer so I don’t want to spoil it for you. Go and find out for yourself.

Overall: Who knew Rupert Murdoch could be a good subject for fascinating theatre?! Challenge your preconceptions.

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