Hi there. I’m Anita and I’m a roving Londoner who enjoys experiencing the brightest and best of what life has to offer- including both London culture and entertainment, and visiting places in the UK and abroad. I have quite a difficult and demanding job, in a field totally unrelated to theatre/culture/arts/travel, so the name ‘Fly Away’ is related to my need to escape from my ‘real’ job into enjoying other things. And I decided since I’m lucky enough to get to enjoy it then perhaps I should share some of it -especially since it might help me remember all the stuff I do which, *cough*, even I sometimes forget!
So this is just my little record of what I’ve done and where I’ve been. In case you were wondering, I work in a field totally unrelated to theatre/culture/arts/travel and I pay for all my tickets myself (yes, it does get expensive sometimes!) So what you read here is my own unbiased opinion. Enjoy 🙂

Please do leave comments, I love hearing from people!