Exhibition – ‘Good Grief, Charlie Brown! – Snoopy & The Power of Peanuts’, Somerset House, 12th January 2019


One of my many slightly random borderline obsessions is Peanuts. I have always, always loved these cartoons- when I was a kid and went to charity shops with my mum (which we did a lot…) the first thing I always looked for was Peanuts books and I usually found some, so I have quite a collection. They never fail to make me smile, not to mention giving me some wisdom- so I was VERY excited to see this exhibition.

It didn’t let me down, but perhaps that’s because I’m such a fan anyway (my friend K who I went with wasn’t so impressed). For me, it was a sheer joy to see some of the original illustrations, videos of Charles Schulz drawing, and to read the background behind the more controversial stories. It’s a tad pricey (well, what I mean is that I don’t get my usual 50% ART FUND discount, so I had to pay full price which I almost never do) but it was totally worth it.

Overall: Peanuts fan? You’ll love it and probably go photo mad… (click below if you want to see more of mine!)

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Exhibition – ‘Fashioned by Nature’, V&A, 1st January 2019


Considering the IMMENSE impact this exhibition had on me, it’s astonishing that I only ended up there by accident!! I actually went to the V&A on New Year’s Day hoping to see the ‘Gingerbread Architecture’ exhibition… but sadly it was sold out. Since I was there, I made the snap decision to see ‘Fashioned by Nature’ instead (which was also on my hit list). I knew it would involve lots of lovely clothes and fabrics to look at, which indeed it did. What hadn’t occurred to me was that it would highlight to me how damaging and polluting the fashion industry is- one of the top 5 polluting industries in the world. Did you know it can take up to 700L of water to make one pair of jeans?!! And hence it led me to make a different New Years resolution from the same triad I make every single year (read more, write more, run more) and it is simply to buy no new clothes in 2019. I vaguely intended to buy fewer clothes last year, just as a money and space saving exercise, but I didn’t really stick to it- I think in December alone I bought 3 new tops, a dress, a pair of pyjamas and a pair of shoes. But now that’s it. 2019 is the year I say yes to #sustainablefashion #wastelesslovemore

Overall: You MUST see this exhibition. It’s not just about the pretty clothes. It’s about awareness… and if you’re me, it may change your life. Click below for more photos…

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