CORNWALL – April 2019

First of all, I absolutely cannot ignore it, so let me start by saying that I am writing this during probably the weirdest time that any of us will experience in our lifetimes. COVID19 is sweeping the world and people are dying in their thousands (probably millions if we knew the real numbers). My ‘day job’ is in healthcare so I know better than anyone the strain the NHS is under, so all I’m going to say is please please stay home and stay safe.

That doesn’t mean though that we can’t dream of gorgeous places and happier times, so I thought today I’d share how I spent Easter a year ago- on a fantastic break in beautiful Cornwall.


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MALTA – April 2017


It’s embarrassing to realise quite how far behind I have got on blogging; I keep thinking ‘I’ll get to it, I’ll get to it’… and then… well you know how it goes. Anyway, you all have the lovely Shikha to thank for this post, because she asked on Instagram if anyone had been to Malta over Easter and I immediately thought ‘yes!! yes I have!… but I haven’t written about it…’

Which is a shame, because it was lovely. We usually do a European city break for 4-5 days over the Easter weekend but we try and choose somewhere that’s appropriate for Easter. Malta is known for celebrating Easter in a big way- particularly their huge parades for Good Friday and Easter Sunday. It’s astonishing watching all the people marching through the streets carrying huge, heavy floats -a spectacle which we were to see again when we went to Seville the following year.

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