JAPAN – November 2017


Japan had been on my wish list for the longest longest time. But I kept putting it off because ‘it’s so expensive’!! Only to realise that no matter what, it won’t get any cheaper… so we should probably just get on with it. It was booked in February, which is the furthest in advance I have EVER booked a holiday, but on the plus side gave me loads of time to plan and get excited!!Read More »

Preconceptions – Asia 2013

Let’s do some backtracking. In January and February 2013 I was in Asia fulfilling a long-held dream; to see Thailand, and the temples of Cambodia. I decided (because I’m a bit of a wimp) to join a group trip rather than DIYing it and after a bit of homework I went for a company called Intrepid.

They offered numerous trips but the one I went for was the Great Indochina Loop travelling through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.

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