Play – ‘The Maids’, Trafalgar Studios, 1st March 2016

My other half is a huge fan of ‘Fresh Meat’. I think it’s just OK, not being such a huge fan of ‘cringey’ comedy (I can only watch ‘The Inbetweeners’ from between my fingers. Appropriate given its name). So when I heard that Vod from ‘Fresh Meat’ (or rather Zawe Ashton) was starring in a psychological thriller at Trafalgar Studios, I knew he’d be up for it.
Initial visual impressions are striking with a white backdrop strewn with blood-red rose petals. The stage is very clever- totally minimalistic but things ‘pop out’ of it. The atmosphere is sinister from the very beginning and the interaction between all three actresses is very intense.

Ashton was certainly a far cry from her ‘Fresh Meat’ character and I thought she was very strong in her role. The other two actresses (apparently both well known from ‘Orange is the new Black’ and ‘Downton Abbey’) were also superb. The racial undertones however, were hard to watch and ultimately I wasn’t sure what I really got from the play.
Overall: Great cast, but the play itself- didn’t love it.

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