Musical – ‘An American in Paris’, Dominion Theatre, 4th January 2018

Big ‘cheesy’ musicals are one of my favourite things. I was raised listening to Andrew Lloyd Webber and the Gershwins and even now I am pretty much word-perfect on ‘Cats’, ‘Starlight Express’, ‘Crazy for You’, ‘Grease’* and most of ‘Phantom of the Opera’ (*I know ‘Grease’ isn’t Lloyd Webber or Gershwin!)

So ‘An American in Paris’ was always on my list to ‘get around to’. With so many shows to see and so little time, however, it had slipped down the priority list somewhat -until I discovered that the rest of the world clearly doesn’t value big musicals as much as I do and, in fact, the show was closing in early January. Cue much panicked messaging to try and coordinate dates and, luckily, my friend P and I managed to get this date in our diaries and book tickets just in time.

Unsurprisingly, I LOVED it. It had everything I like best – jazzy dance routines, uplifting songs, sparkly bright sets. If you don’t leave this musical singing ‘I Got Rhythm’, I don’t really know how to respond to you.

Overall: great uplifting easy-to-watch show. If you have nothing to do tonight or tomorrow, try and get a return!!

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