Play – ‘Home, I’m Darling’, National Theatre, 17th August 2018


I’ve mentioned before that there’s a risk when you belong to a group of keen theatregoers, that you find yourself seeing something you know nothing about. And that is exactly what happened to me with ‘Home, I’m Darling’, but luckily, it worked ENTIRELY in my favour because I absolutely loved this play.

Katherine Parkinson is a fantastic actress and I can’t imagine anyone but her playing Judy, complete with a fabulous wardrobe of 1950s outfits; she is absolutely magnetic and you hang on her every word as the story of the choices that she and husband Johnny have made unfolds. Also brilliant is Sian Thomas as Judy’s mum, reminding her that she only has the luxury of loving the 1950s because she never actually lived in it ‘everyone had to make do and mend things that were already broken’.

Overall: funny, poignant, sad and clever and Katherine Parkinson is perfect. NT run is sold out but make sure you catch the West End transfer.

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