JAPAN – November 2017


Japan had been on my wish list for the longest longest time. But I kept putting it off because ‘it’s so expensive’!! Only to realise that no matter what, it won’t get any cheaper… so we should probably just get on with it. It was booked in February, which is the furthest in advance I have EVER booked a holiday, but on the plus side gave me loads of time to plan and get excited!!Read More »

Play – ‘Made in India’, Soho Theatre, 14th March 2017

Although we go to the Soho Theatre regularly, it’s usually to watch comedy gigs- we rarely go for plays. But as a member, I got sent an offer for cheap tickets for this one and you know me- can’t resist a bargain!!! So off we went and oh my goodness, how glad I am that we went.
The premise of the play is that a British woman hasn’t managed to get pregnant via conventional methods, or even the usual fertility methods. So she travels to India to a specialist clinic in order to arrange a pregnancy via a surrogate. Thenceforth the play develops via numerous twists and turns, looking at the ethical and cultural implications of the whole situation, as well as the personal relationship between the surrogate and the desperate wannabe mother.
It made me think, it made me sad, it shocked and challenged me. It’s everything you want from modern theatre.
Overall: a brilliant and accomplished play.