Play – ‘Twelfth Night’, National Theatre, 20th March 2017

National Theatre productions are generally always a bit different and interesting. So a modern Twelfth Night was no great surprise. A female Malvolio (Malvolia), though, was an entirely different matter…
Tamsin Greig, always a favourite of mine, played the role, here modernised into a housekeeper rather than the usual manservant of Olivia. There were plenty of other quirky touches too, including fancy suits, sports cars and a set based around a gleaming white staircase.
I don’t always love modernised Shakespeare (I’m a bit of a traditionalist really) but this production did a really great job and Tamsin Greig made the part of Malvolia truly her own.
Overall: very good modern Shakespeare handled masterfully by a superb cast

2 thoughts on “Play – ‘Twelfth Night’, National Theatre, 20th March 2017

  1. […] My friend J suggested this play based on an interesting storyline (the author is James Graham who wrote ‘Ink’, which I loved) and good leads in the shapes of Sarah Lancashire and Martin Freeman. But between the time we booked and when we actually saw the play, Sarah Lancashire had been replaced by none other than Tamsin Greig- about my immense love for whom, I’ve written before. […]


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