Play – ‘The Philanthropist’, Trafalgar Studios, 25th April 2017

Yet another play that drew me in by virtue of its star-studded cast. Simon Bird, Tom Rosenthal and Charlotte Ritchie, not to mention Lily Cole (yes, I know, I was puzzled too) all directed by Simon Callow?!! How could it go wrong??
Well, in my eyes, mostly, it didn’t. The play is a twist on Moliere’s ‘The Misanthrope’, and while most critics panned it for not even remotely having the depth and breadth of the original, I am happy to put my hands up and say I’m no Moliere expert. So for me, the geeky word jokes were a joy, as were the one-liners (‘I’m a man of no convictions. At least I think I am’). The only thing that wasn’t explained with enough plausibility for my liking is why on earth Lily Cole’s leggy, supermodel beauty would be interested in going after Bird’s bookish, nerdy academic type.
Overall: an entertaining (albeit slightly unbelievable) play pulled off by a talented cast.

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