Play – ‘Obsession’, Barbican Theatre, 18th May 2017

Once again my fickleness drew me in- I’ve loved Jude Law for years, so when I realised he was doing a play at the Barbican (with cheap tickets available), there was no question in my mind that I should go. Well that is, until my friend S (who’d already seen it) described it as ‘truly terrible’. Spoiler alert- she was right…
The play is cliched at best- beautiful woman in loveless marriage has affair with handsome stranger. So far, so Mills and Boon. What made it really odd was the strange theatrical devices which were employed – from the tipping of rubbish all over the stage (an apt metaphor if ever I saw one) to the running on a treadmill (presumably something about running to stand still, which is exactly how this play made me feel).
The only redeeming feature was Jude Law with his shirt off, which is a sad indictment of the play.
Overall: spend your money on a poster of Jude topless, not on a ticket to this play.

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