Play – ‘Consent’, National Theatre, 28th April 2017

Oddly enough, for the second night in a row there was a technical issue that halted the start of the play- in this case the platform that’s supposed to rise out of the centre of the stage as the play starts, simply didn’t rise- leaving the stage manager and a couple of the crew standing on stage looking stressed and speaking veryveryveryfast into their headsets…
Luckily however when the play did actually start it was MORE than worth the wait. The main characters are barristers who discuss their clients in the first person in a slightly derogatory and judging manner – I’m not a lawyer, but it struck a familiar note! The ‘victim’ whose social status contrasts sharply with theirs is tragic and sadly the whole thing is rather believable. Ben Chaplin is simply superb, clearly on a roll following the recent BBC drama ‘Apple Tree Yard’.
Overall: absolutely worth seeing if you like gritty realistic drama. And interesting lampshades

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