Immersive Theatre – ‘Alice’s Adventures Underground’, The Vaults, 27th July 2017

While I go to the theatre often, it is rarely with my other half; we are more likely to go to comedy or music gigs together. But every now and then he surprises me in the best way, as he did with booking this immersive production for ‘date night’. It had been on my radar for a while; I love immersive theatre and I love ‘Alice in Wonderland’, so it was always going to be a good one for me. It impressed me hugely, particularly the level of detail; even the bar area before you go in is beautifully decorated in a ‘Wonderland’ theme. The Vaults is a venue I’ve never been to before but the space made it possible to create astounding sets and 4 separate pathways- everyone is sorted into a ‘suit’ (hearts, clubs, diamonds, spades) and you end up with a totally different experience as a result. I remain jealous that my other half got to eat the jam tarts while I didn’t! It all comes together at the end in the courtroom scene where all the storylines are neatly tied up in the conclusion.
Overall: OK, the story won’t shock you (who DOESN’T know ‘Alice in Wonderland’?!) but the imagination, detail, and pace definitely will. GO.

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