Play – ‘The Ferryman’, Gielgud Theatre, 5th August 2017

Lots of buzz around this one, either because playwright Jez Butterworth can do no wrong at the moment or because with a running time of 3 hours, it’s on the lengthier end of the spectrum. It took me a little while to work out exactly whose children were whose (there are a lot of them, or perhaps I’m just stupid) but once I’d figured out who people were, the play was fairly engrossing. There were occasional wonderful little comedy touches (the real animals have been much discussed) and some impressive drama in the final scenes. Laura Donnelly did a stunning job of handling the tricky part of Caitlin.
Personally I’m always a fan of sharp punchy theatre rather than long drawn out pieces and I’m not entirely convinced that this play justified the length- but still a great evening’s theatre.
Overall: it’s long. Be prepared. Get comfy. But it’s impressive..

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