Play – ‘Apologia’, Trafalgar Studios, 13th November 2017

Trafalgar Studios often put on interesting plays but yet again the draw for me here was the (fairly) big name of Stockard Channing. As a huge musicals fan she will always be ‘Rizzo’ to me. So I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see her live on stage.
Unusually though, I must say that in the end she impressed me less than the play itself. A ‘family drama’ focusing on a mother, her 2 sons, their partners and the erstwhile relationships between them all, it handled some difficult emotions with sensitivity, humour and grace. I felt the ending was a little unresolved – but that seems to be the trend in modern theatre these days sadly.
Overall: in the nicest possible way, Stockard Channing is the very least of reasons to see this interesting play.

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