Musical – ‘Big Fish’, The Other Palace, 14th November 2017

Apparently this was a popular film starring Ewan McGregor, which I had no idea about until my friends K and C with whom I saw this musical told me about it. I’m not a film buff at all, but I love musicals, I love The Other Palace (a beautiful comfortable little modern oasis of a theatre in the chaos of Victoria) and I love Kelsey Grammer – so there were plenty of reasons for me to see this musical.
It was absolutely lovely. While in some ways I wished it was in a proper West End theatre with a big stage and huge jazzy sets, there’s no denying that the intimacy of the theatre made a big difference to the production, particularly in the emotional bits (of which they were many). The relationship between Edward Bloom (played by Grammer) and his son Will was beautifully portrayed – who hasn’t had a major love-hate relationship with their parents?! And wow, can Grammer (and indeed all of them) really sing…
Overall: a perfect example of a whimsical, emotional musical

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