Play – ‘Labour of Love’, Noel Coward Theatre, 4th October 2017

My friend J suggested this play based on an interesting storyline (the author is James Graham who wrote ‘Ink’, which I loved) and good leads in the shapes of Sarah Lancashire and Martin Freeman. But between the time we booked and when we actually saw the play, Sarah Lancashire had been replaced by none other than Tamsin Greig- about my immense love for whom, I’ve written before.

So the stage was already set for a good night even before the curtain rose on the Nottinghamshire constituency office where Martin Freeman’s affable MP David Lyons is waiting for the results of the 2016 election with his agent Jean (the ever-wonderful Greig). From then on, the action moves backwards and forwards in time, looking at both the change in the political climate (screens show news clips from various time periods between scenes) and the change in the relationship between Freeman and Greig.

Overall: a great watch if you like people, politics, smart comedy, good theatre… Basically must-see.

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